Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and Do a deer, a female deer…Mary Poppins and Maria might just be the two most famous nannies in the world. They both came into families where fun was a rarity. The Banks children longed for attention and would bully everyone who tried to give them boundaries until they would leave. The Von Trapp children were controlled and ordered around constantly and didn’t have the chance to play.The two nannies are as different as day and night. Mary Poppins is in total control and takes the questions of the children very seriously. Instead of just giving the answers, she encourages them to find the answers by themselves by discovering and experiencing. She also teaches them to treat everyone with respect, no matter who they are. Mary Poppins is strict, strong and surprising. Fraulein Maria from The Sound of Music listens to the children, gives them attention and responsibilities. She brings the fun back into the Von Trapp house. The children love doing things together and are given the chance to bring out the best in themselves. Fraulein Maria is playful, sweet and caring.

I played wonderful leading parts in a variety of musicals but never my two favorites. Still, bend the twig and bend the tree, you might say. After discovering the world outside the theater and the television studio’s I made a career switch and in my current job, Mary and Maria are still an inspiration for me. Now it is no longer about the parts, it’s about the approach. I use both the Mary and the Maria method in my job as a consultant, coach and trainer; “hardcare” and “softcare”, both are indispensable in coaching  the changing- and developing processes of people and organizations. 

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During a 7 year period, in very different stages of my career, I twice undertook a series of life coaching sessions under Tetske’s professional and enjoyable guidance. It’s clear why I went back to her after a few years, when I had different coaching questions.  I’ve found Tetske to be down to earth and direct, exactly what I like. She brings coaching questions into sharp focus through asking insightful questions, and keeps her eye firmly on the coaching goal.  Through my conversations with Tetske I reached a clearer understanding of the how and why of my motivations, talents and pitfalls, and my ways of communicating. It has made me more aware of the way I (often unconsciously) tend to act; I now know how to notice when how I’m acting is not having the desired effect, and how to then change my behaviour. Step by step she offers new perspectives on my methods of communication, which are appropriate to me personally – and therefore don’t feel false – and allow me to be even more effective, both in my business and in my private life. In brief: a coach I would wish for everyone because of her professionalism and skills, and also because she is simply a very kind and warm-hearted person.
Lisan Wösten
SolicitorGeneral of the Appeal’s Office
Public Prosecutor’s Office - The Netherlands

The employees at Movisie, the national policy institute for social issues, are very content driven.  However, in order to contribute as effectively as possibly to the acceleration of learning processes in the approach to social questions, we need to pay attention to more than content: of equal importance are the attitude and behaviour with which we (co-)operate.  Tetske has helped us a lot in the past few years to make it easier to discuss certain patterns and behaviours, making us work together better and more effectively.  In an engaging way she has encouraged both employees and management to take a close look at ourselves.  Drawing on her considerable experience and knowledge, she knows exactly which methodologies to choose.  On top of which she has a very flexible and to the point approach during facilitation of big group, team and training sessions. She stimulates people to accept responsibility for their behaviour and therefore encourages people, teams and organisations to grow.  All the while never losing sight of the agreed goal.
Saskia Keuzenkamp, Director Knowledge and Innovation  Movisie                    
"understanding of and approaches to social issues"

Working with Tetske is a joy and I’m a big fan of working in partnership with her.  She is professional, clear, warm-hearted, generous and committed.  At the Libre Foundation we only work with the best coaches and Tetske is rightfully a member of the Libre-pool.  In order to work with our target audience – local NGO-leaders in Africa, Asia and South-America from diverse backgrounds – it is essential to be able to judge what the particular needs of each are.  You need to be flexible enough to adapt to everything that happens during our five-day leadership and communications training sessions and during the follow-up days. You can depend on Tetske for all of this. All the way to Tanzania.
Erik Bos
Founder, director foreign countries and coach of the Libre Foundation

We met in an intervision group where we shared professional dilemmas and nourished each other with new perspectives.  When the occasion arose, we also took on clients together. For a major assignment we set up a temporary company of organisational coaches who, as a team, inspired and challenged each other to serve the customer as best as possible. 

My most thrilling experience during an assignment was during a conference with clients when Tetske boldly identified the tensions holding the company back, pointing out the elephant in the room no one dared mention. Tetske went straight to the point, with courage and consideration. Not in order to Judge anyone, but from a sincere desire to help the client make a real and decisive step forward.
Over the past few years our relationship has deepened further, and as well as being a top professional colleague she has also become a dear friend, someone with whom I exchange personal and professional questions and experiences, and with whom I enjoy celebrating life.
Freerk Wortelboer
Conferenceleader, organisational development, coach and author             

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Public Prosecutor’s Office (The Netherlands)
Appeals Office of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (The Netherlands)
Greenchoice (Dutch energy supplier)
Movisie (national policy institute which promotes a comprehensive approach to social issues)
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VPRO/HUMAN (Dutch broadcasting organisation)
HJ Advocaten B.V. (firm of solicitors)
The Netherlands Youth Institute
HONK (GP practice in Noord-Kennemerland)
The Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology
Red Cross Hospital Beverwijk
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